2020 Year End Review

This newsletter will be both an update on our Q4 results as well as a celebration of our successes over the past year. The year 2020 brought an array of challenges to STS. Perhaps the most prominent was and is the business, political, and social changes that COVID-19 brought to our country. We were challenged to change the method in which we do business, including remote meetings, restricted travel, and added safety measures. Through it all you adapted and overcame very trying circumstances and exceeded almost every ROCK that we set. Congratulations!

We also expanded the size of our team, our product offering and our geographic reach in 2020, all while adhering to our Core Values and Mission statement. Our EOS process served us well as a framework to ensure that our focus, implementation, communication, and level of accountability remained constant throughout.

Capital investment also continued to advance and included additional signals, pedestals, LTC’s/PED Boxes, vehicles, and AFADs to the STS fleet. Most importantly, we added 15 new employees with expanded roles and responsibilities (not counting four already hired in 2021).

Our safety continues to be a shining star among our accomplishments. Office, sales, and field teams worked a total of 13,188 manhours with 0 injuries and 0 at-fault incidents during Q4. We finished the year with the same results while working a total of 36,608 manhours during 2020. As we grow in numbers and industry presence, continue to make safety our number 1 priority, always looking for better processes, training, and accountability in our daily duties and drive commitment over compliance

As we reflect on the accomplishments of 2020, we must also remain vigilant in our resolve to accomplish even greater things in 2021. COVID-19 is still ever present and our safety and health measures must continue. We must support our sales teams and grow our signal business as well as our AFAD and Smart Work Zone sectors. Most importantly, we must continue to build our team in depth, breadth, and numbers, all while using our Core Values as a guide. Thanks again for all the hard work and dedication.