Superior Traffic Services Acquires Salander Technologies to Provide Enhanced Traffic Management Solutions

Superior Traffic Services Acquires Salander Technologies to Provide Enhanced Traffic Management Solutions

Superior Traffic Services acquires the industry leaders and pioneers of Intelligent Work Zones – Salander Technologies and Speed Info

Superior Traffic Services (“STS”) completed the acquisition of Salander Technologies. STS and Salander have served in various areas of temporary traffic management independently – until now. This acquisition leverages each company’s use of technology and innovation to provide unparalleled safety and service to all types of traffic signal and smart work zone jobs, regardless of their size or complexity.

Salander was established in 2015 by their President, Eric Johnson and is seen as an industry leader in Intelligent Work Zones. Eric and his team developed the original Intelligent Work Zone standards for dynamic merge, queue detection, and portable vehicle travel time systems that have served the transportation systems industry since 2002.

Talking about the acquisition’s benefit and unique alignment between Salander and Superior Traffic Services, Eric Johnson said:

“The whole is far greater than the sum of the parts – Collectively and jointly, we create a technology ecosystem that combines experience, knowledge, technology, and expertise that will influence both safety and mobile for the traveling public and influence the standards of the connected vehicle environment in and around work zones. We are excited about improving safety and the impacts of a shrinking workforce by positioning technology tools for the trades. The acquisition will further solidify our individual leadership in the marketplace and become one that is the obvious choice for solving challenges in and around work zones.”

Superior Traffic Services’ portable traffic control devices use their patented Real Time Traffic Management System to provide 24/7 real-time setup, monitoring, and programming for traffic management and work zones across the U.S. The Company was started in 2012 as the result of a long-standing collaboration between Montana natives Jeff Hollenback and Jonathan Walther. Jeff has more than 30 years of experience delivering traffic control systems to contractors working on local, state, and national highway projects. Jonathan’s 23-year career as a Cognizant Design Engineer in NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory enabled him to work on endeavors such as the Deep Space and Mars Rover projects. One of Jonathan’s favorite quotes is “It turns out that controlling traffic is a lot like controlling space craft. You must have a system in place that is reliable, redundant, and able to react when things go wrong.”

Jeff Hollenback, CEO of Superior Traffic Services, shared his thoughts about the acquisition:

“Salander brings a unique approach to work zone safety as well as a talented staff. They have always been on the leading edge of technology from both a software and hardware aspect. From Eric’s earlier days of working to develop JAMLOGIC** software to the present, Salander is seen as an industry disruptor who continually challenges the status quo. The Salander products and services offering along with Superior Traffic Services’ advanced Real-Time Traffic Management System and Technology-Enabled Smart Signals (TESS) products will position our company to provide a full suite of unmatched smart work zone capabilities. We are excited to have Eric and the entire Salander Team of Mike Cavanaugh, Yanina Langer, and JP Story as part of our growing organization.”

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